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We were looking for a single tool for IT asset configuration, remediation and monitoring, and Redcell had everything that we were looking for already integrated, and we liked the price

Dave Nebral, Network/Telecom Manager at Greatbatch

About Dorado Software

Dorado Software, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated Resource Management, Performance Monitoring and Service Orchestration software to monitor, provision, configure and manage IP network infrastructures, wireless IP, virtualized network functions and commercial services.

Dorado's cost-effective management solutions for multi-vendor, multi-technology environments deliver low TCO and rapid ROI to minimize risk while providing high value solutions for both service provider and enterprise IT customers

Company At-a-Glance

Solutions for Service Providers

Our Service Provider Solutions let operators configure, deploy, and monitor their pool of physical and virtual network resources, in addition to dynamically provision and monitor commercial services (including NFV, MPLS, MPLS video, IPTV) and mobile backhaul. By combining resource and service management with real-time monitoring, users have complete service-oriented, end-to-end operational visibility, and control over their entire networked environment

Solutions for Enterprise IT

Our Enterprise IT solutions help network, system and windows administrators rapidly deploy services and devices, streamline IT operations, and maximize network and device availability, performance and security. Dorado Software gives administrators the power to control heterogeneous and multi-technology environments resources and commercial services via a single solution, offering an economical and efficient alternative to the multiple disparate systems traditionally used to manage datacenters.

Proven Technology

Dorado Software was founded in 1998 as a provider of application development environments for OEM element management systems (EMS). The company has leveraged this expertise and technology leadership to build a multi-vendor management system that has evolved into the suite of Redcell products. Dorado's open architecture enabled the company to construct integrated solutions for managing latest technologies and services. This tested platform has real world validation by the industry's most influential technology companies, and is now one of the markets most versatile and powerful OSS management solutions solving complex problems for today's connected world.

Satisfied Customers

Dorado Software's extensive global customer base includes leaders in finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, and a variety of industries around the world. In addition, thousands of satisfied companies such as Dell computers utilize Dorado Software via OEM relationships.

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