Redcell gives our customers keen insight into their infrastructure inventory and how it is being used. They have provided us with valuable information to assist our customers to fully exhaust their infrastructure investment, while identifying necessary upgrades.

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Aperi and Dorado Software Reshape Virtualization for Live Video Content Production and Contribution

Announce Operational Integration of Their Virtualization Capabilities for TV Content Providers to Minimize Costs and Time-to-Market

EL DORADO HILLS, CA - November 19, 2015 - Dorado Software, a global provider of integrated Resource Management, Performance Monitoring and Service Orchestration software, and Aperi, the leading provider of Virtualized Broadcast Functions and Microservers, today announced they have integrated their virtualization capabilities to offer recomposable broadcast services to end-users. The integration of Dorado's comprehensive orchestration and management platform, Redcell, with Aperi's complete ecosystem of virtualized TV content networking and processing functions, allow TV Content Providers to optimize their operations while minimizing their costs and time-to-market.

Aperi brings data center economics to live TV content production. Their broadcast function virtualization technology enables contribution networking and live production workflows to be orchestrated on demand as software Apps to run on lightning-fast networked MicroServers. Apps and MicroServers can be repurposed instantaneously providing maximum efficiency and utilization.

Dorado Software's network function orchestration capabilities allow service providers to configure Aperi applications and associated network infrastructure, both physical and virtual, to dynamically position video services for their customers. In addition, Dorado's performance monitoring capabilities allow service providers to evaluate their service state and proactively adjust service behavior as required.

"Dorado Software is focused on providing software to orchestrate, monitor, configure and manage IP network infrastructures, wireless IP and virtualized network functions for communication and video service providers," said Chris Simon, VP, Service Providers and NFV Business Unit at Dorado Software. "Our customers understand the value in the agile management of functionally rich virtualized functions. Partnering with Aperi provides us with the opportunity to offer industry leading broadcast functionality to our joint customers."

"Aperi is pleased to add comprehensive multi-vendor service orchestration and management to our product offering," said Andrew Osmond, VP Business Development at Aperi. "We believe that Aperi offers a clearly differentiated software ecosystem to our customers but recognize that the ability to dynamically orchestrate control and monitor these capabilities in their current networks is a key to broad utilization of our products. Dorado's Redcell product provides that flexibility.

Dorado Software is a participant of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), which has set a beacon for the industry and an effective guide for the implementation of VNFs, and of the Linux Foundation which is leading the OpenNFV process.

About Dorado Software

Dorado Software, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated Resource Management, Performance Monitoring and Service Orchestrationsoftware that helps communications service providers, NFV Infrastructure and network function vendors accelerate their time to benefits of their virtualized cloud-based networks.  Dorado provides an integrated end-to-end solution with packaged and extensible capabilities to orchestrate, monitor and provide closed loop automation of both physical and virtual network functions in a multi-vendor and evolving ecosystem. Ultimately, Dorado lets communication service providers manage end-to-end network services across hybrid virtual and physical networks and realize their critical NFV objectives, now and in the future. For more information about Dorado Software, visit http://www.doradosoftware.com or email info@doradosoftware.com.

About Aperi Corp

Aperi Corporation is the leading provider of virtual function processing for the broadcast industry. Aperi uses enhanced data center technologies to optimize workflow efficiencies and economies. These technologies minimize power consumption and capital expenditure and provide the agility, flexibility and scalability to address the challenges of a fast changing and disrupted marketplace. Aperi's App Store and Ethernet connected SDMP microserver platform provide a software based ecosystem that enables broadcasters and service providers to invest in infrastructure that can be repurposed as needed to process new video and audio standards of the future within the stringent performance requirements of live television networks. For information about Aperi Corporation visit http://apericorp.com or e-mail info@apericorp.com

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