A key factor in our decision to use Redcell was its ability to monitor all of our data network devices and servers from one platform.

Juan Barrera, Internet Systems Manager at Weslaco ISD

Redcell Device Driver

Redcell Device Drivers are profile based for a specific vendor and allow for multiple device models to be modeled and managed within the same driver profile. This allows for a single driver to be used for discovery and support of Redcell applications for an entire family of devices manufactured by a single vendor.

Drivers are easy to build with the Redcell Device Driver SDK. The Redcell DD SDK is a complete and integrated development tool for developing enhanced Redcell Device Drivers... without having to write any code!

By using the Redcell DD SDK, software developers can create a self-contained, installable Redcell Device Driver that provides the intelligence for Redcell applications to interface directly with device elements.

Along with supporting multiple device models per driver, multiple Operating System versions can be managed as well in a single device driver, allowing you to easily manage changes in command parameters from one version to another. For example, individual SNMP and CLI based transactions can be created and associated to a range of supported Operating System versions or to a specific Operating System version allowing for versioning of commands.

A Redcell Device Driver created with the tool allows you to take full advantage of any
Enterprise MIBs & CLI Commands supported by a device to collect and configure the network element- specific parameters from devices for use in support of Redcell applications and services.

Redcell Device Drivers Functionality

A Redcell Enhanced Codeless Device Driver created using DD Factory supports key functionality in Redcell:

Device Discovery & Resync*
  • Discovery is how the application identifies and catalogs network elements. Once discovery identifies a network element, you can create and store equipment objects in the database, so Redcell Applications can communicate with the element.
Show Screens
  • Allows for the organizing and displaying of device specific information for example, device or sub-component configurations, device statistical or resource usage information
Topology Views
  • Used to visualize equipment by locations, contact, equipment or groups and can display their hierarchical relationships. 
SNMP Events & Syslog Management
  • Identify and manage SNMP or Syslog based messages from devices for event and alarm processing
Alarm Reports
  • Provides real-time device alarm & service monitoring
Firmware Deploy/Current
Config/Compare **
  • Network file configuration, creation, management, backup, restoration and comparison; comprehensive firmware/OS management
Change Management
  • Notification, action and reporting of configuration changes identified by proactive network scanning
  • Lets users configure and manage “mini-scripts” used to query or configure a devices configuration
Inventory Reports
  • Allows for the creation and management of detailed device inventory reports by Device, Sub-component or Service
Direct Access
  • Gives operators the ability to directly connect to a network element from within Redcell using Telnet, SSH, HTTPS, SNMP or HTTP (these protocols are dependent on the device)
Key Performance Indicators
  • KPIs allow for the collection and reporting of key numeric performance data that appears in its own dedicated screen for the device
Custom Attributes
  • Collection of device specific data that can be used for Inventory Reporting or for use with Key Performance Indicators

*SNMP - ifTable or Entity MIB based only. What is sometimes referred to as “Deep Discovery” requires Advanced Device Drivers due to custom development work. For example, Deep Discovery could include the discovery and creation of Chassis, Cards, Modules, Slots, Ports, CPUs, Flash, Power Supplies and Link Discovery.

** The device must support standard configuration file backup and restore processes in a similar manner as Cisco and Juniper devices using FTP, TFTP or SCP.
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