Dorado Software offers a robust, scalable, and cost-effective solution to our customers. In addition, their ability to manage converging infrastructures of voice, data, and video is an ideal fit in our portfolio of Cisco and Avaya solutions.

Ken Apperson, President, Quagga

Manufacturer / OEM Partner

Dorado Software has a long history of creating OEM element management systems (EMS) for leading manufacturers. Our flexible approach can get you up and running in a matter of weeks and provides you with the ultimate branding potential. If you are interested in OEMing your management system built on proven technology, Contact Us Today! or email for more information.


Dorado Software offers application, technology and market solutions for OEM partners to quickly leverage, deploy and rebrand.


  • Application Solutions

    Dorado Software offers a comprehensive product line for OEM partners to integrate their EMS. The Redcell Suite of resource, service and performance management products gives you off-the-shelf, yet customizable, application solutions to highlight the best and most marketable features of your products.


    • Service Management & Operations
    • Service Provisioning & Activation
    • Resource Management & Operations
    • Network Management
    • Element Management
    • Fault & Performance Monitoring
    • MSP Portal for Management Outsourcing


  • Technology Solutions

    Dorado Software offers specific management applications for key technologies including:


    • MPLS Provisioning
    • Ethernet/ VLAN Management
    • Docsis Management and Provisioning
    • TRU69 Management and Provisioning
    • IP VPN Management and Provisioning
    • WMI Provisioning

  • Market Solutions

    Dorado Software's products are deployed in hardened service provider and enterprise environments, and embedded with leading manufacturer hardware offerings, including Dell, in thousands of SMB deployments. Our expertise in meeting different end user demands and the extensibility and scalability of our offerings, has enabled us to packaged solutions for a variety of different markets, including:

    • Service Provider
    • Hosting
    • Fortune 100 / Enterprise Market
    • SME

Development Tools

Dorado Software has a sophisticated, proven technology environment and can offer a variety of development tools to meet any end-user comfort-level, and company integration requirement. Key development tools include:
  • Web Portal SDK
  • Task Based BPEL Workflow Server
  • Development Tools
  • Device & Technology Integration Tools
  • Open Source

Flexible Business Models

Dorado's been crafting OEM programs with manufacturers for over a decade, and can offer extremely flexible business models to fit most any organization's goals. We customize your plan so it makes the most sense for your company, not just a cookie-cutter take-it or leave-it approach. Some considerations include:
  • Technology Licensing
  • Product Outsourcing
  • Joint Development
  • OEM
  • Technology Integration - Product Resale
  • Technology Integration - Product Referral


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