Cruz Network Insight

Scale to Meet your Traffic Flow Environments

Traffic Flow Analysis (TFA) is included in the Cruz Operations Center (CruzOC) base package for a limited number of flows. Cruz Network Insight (CruzNI) for advanced traffic flow analysis lets you easily scale CruzOC to meet your performance needs.

CruzNI provides complete visibility into IP traffic behavior, usage patterns and network utilization to help identify those users, applications, protocols and conversations that are consuming most of the network bandwidth. This unified solution leverages IP flow analysis to enhance the availability and performance monitoring functionality of Cruz.

When unauthorized or low priority applications hog the network, managers typically respond by increasing bandwidth capacity. Throwing more bandwidth at the problem doesn't always solve the issue, or prevent it from recurring. Unauthorized applications only absorb any additional bandwidth while business critical applications suffer from poor response times. This always results in unpredictable bandwidth availability and network instability that compromises application performance. One approach is to set rate limits to control bandwidth usage by certain traffic, but this lacks the necessary visibility to distinguish between application types and it adds significant administrative effort and processing overhead to the network infrastructure.

Key Features:

Collects and deciphers existing IP traffic flows to determine which applications and/or users are most impacting network and application response times and service levels.

Offers better administrative control of unauthorized traffic and protection of valuable bandwidth for critical and demanding business applications.

Provides comprehensive visibility and reporting of network utilization though deep insight of top usage patterns.

Lets administrators pinpoint what applications are consuming the most network bandwidth, what conversations are involved and who are the most active users.

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