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We were impressed with Redcell's proactive capabilities. Upon installation, Redcell immediately began adding value to our network operations

Dave Nebral, Network/Telecom Manager at Greatbatch

Redcell Engineering Tools and Utilities:
Provides off-the-shelf tools and utilities for network and security administrators to gain immediate insight and visibility into disparate IT infrastructure assets.

From a single console, administrators can quickly identify obsolete network architecture, lack of security, outdated operating systems and more, to improve the efficiency of IT resources, ensure system stability and lower risk of downtime.

We have more features than you will find in our competitors' tools
and at a third of the price!
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Why Choose Redcell Engineering Edition Pro?

Components Engineering Edition Basic Engineering Edition Pro
Device & Link Discovery X X
Equipment Group Management X X
Topology X X
Canned Reports X X
Proactive Configuration File Scanning X
Firmware/OS Management X
Custom/AdHoc Reports X
Diagnostic Tools X
CLI Scripting X

Engineering Edition Features

Device & Link Discovery Discovery can be performed using IP address ranges, hostname, IP subnet and CIDR addresses, or importing a file listing of IP addresses. Using the same parameters, users can exclude elements from the discovery process they do not want particular equipment included
in the database. This reduces network traffic during the discovery process and eliminates the need to delete these unnecessary items from the inventory. Users can discover using open management interfaces, like XML, SNMPv1/v2/v3, Telnet, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP and SCP. Subinterfaces, physical device attributes on the chassis, line card and port level, subcomponents, supported management information bases (MIBs) and Ethernet link information will also be discovered, giving access to vital, in-depth network and connectivity data. Discovered physical and logical entities are automatically populated into a network inventory database and organized into a flexible, heirarchical structure.
Equipment Group Management Administrators can create Static, Dynamic, Nested and Mixed groups for applying one-to-many changes to disparate network devices and group reporting. One-to-many capabilities allow administrators to execute operations or configuration changes against many devices
with a single operation. This greatly reduces the effort associated with executing time consuming tasks and repetitive tasks.
Topology Geographic and logical topology with alarm propogation provides representations of the network, including links. Users can quickly view the geography of large networks and drill down into each region with a simple click down operation, in addition to view the logical interconnections between network elements. The visual color coded indicators provide quick and easy process for viewing where network problems are occurring.
Reporting Define, create, populate and post meaningful reports that present the data most appropriate for decision-making. Report templates can be defined, created and stored for on-going report generation with multiple datasets. This gives the ability for many users to be able to run reports on pre-defined templates in order to maintain consistency of presentation. All reports can be scheduled for future and/or on-going execution. Report output formats include .html, .pdf, or .csv.
Configuration Backup/Restore Configuration files can be backed up and restored to the network devices. Administrators can backup configuration files on a pre-defined schedule and restore configuration files when needed. Two configuration files can be compared and changes, deletions and additions between the two configs files will be highlighted. This provides a quick and simple process to compare two configs files that aids troubleshooting and forensic investigations.
Proactive Scanning Detect configuration changes throughout the network through event-based change monitoring and proactive scanning. Event-based detection may originate from SNMP trap processing and/or Syslog monitoring. Users can define a compliant or last known certified state (including the ability to look for very specific parameters and attributes such as access control/firewall entries, routing parameters, etc.) and proactively scans the selected device groups for noncompliance.
Firmware/OS Management Software version control helps reduce time and effort associated with keeping device software up-to-date. An OS database is designed to store multiple operating systems; allows the user to quickly and easily push operating systems to push operating systems to multiple network elements. Auto-update features poll for new versions of software and can be automatically added.

Engineering Edition Downloads

Dorado Redcell Engineering Editions Datasheet (pdf) Download Network Commander Datasheet
The Complete Network Assessment Whitepaper (pdf) Download Network Commander Datasheet
The 1hr Network Assessment Whitepaper (pdf) Download Network Commander Datasheet


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