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Dorado Software offers a robust, scalable, and cost-effective solution to our customers. In addition, their ability to manage converging infrastructures of voice, data, and video is an ideal fit in our portfolio of Cisco and Avaya solutions.

Ken Apperson, President, Quagga

Redcell Enterprise IT Management

Find, Configure, and Monitor Your IT Resources & Services

Growing networks can be a headache for today's IT organizations. Keeping track of the devices in your network and how they relate to each other and to other parts of your infrastructure can be difficult and time consuming. With a single pane-of-glass solution for discovery, configuration management, monitoring, and reporting, Redcell (RC7) Enterprise IT management products are designed to make it easier to plan and manage your multi-vendor network devices. The suite of products include RC7 OpsCenter for comprehensive resource management, RC7 Network Commander for automated network change and configuration management, RC7 System Commander for system commander, RC7 Advance Monitor for Cisco IPSLA, and RC7 Traffic Flow Analyzer. All RC7 products are packaged with a social media/collaboration platform, RC Synergy

, for building operational communities across your IT silos.

Redcell OpsCenter

RC7 OpsCenter is the all-in-one management system for administrators to consolidate resource management of multi-vendor, multi-technology networked environments.  RC7 OpsCenter provides key functions such as automated device, link & service discovery, CMDB inventory, health & performance, monitoring and comprehensive reporting.

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Redcell Network Commander

RC7 Network Commander is an automated network change and configuration management application built for sophisticated and multi-vendor network environments.  Key features are firmware/OS management & deployment, configuration file management, change & compliance management, UI-based and one-to-many device configuration, and comprehensive reporting.

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Redcell System Commander

RC7 System Commander is an agentless systems management solution for health monitoring, compliance auditing, troubleshooting and patching multi-vendor client and server environments.  Key functions are deep system and client discovery, inventory management and reporting, configuration, health management, remote access and control, patch provisioning, performance monitoring, and comprehensive reporting.

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Redcell Advanced Monitors -- Cisco IPSLA

RC7 Advanced monitors for Cisco IPSLA provide advanced monitoring to quickly troubleshoot network issues with notifications, thresholding on metrics and flexible reporting.  They give you the power to quickly and easily monitor and save SLA metrics for remote sites.

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Redcell Traffic Flow Analyzer

RC7 Traffic Flow Analyzer provides complete visibility into IP traffic behavior, usage patterns and network utilization to help identify those users, applications, protocols and conversations that are consuming most of the network bandwidth.  This unified solution leverages IP flow analysis to enhance the availability and performance monitoring functionality of Redcell.

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