Service Provider Products Overview : Redcell Change Manager

Redcell Change Manager

Proactive change monitoring and enforcement of network compliance

Knowledge is power --- and knowledge about compliance is the power to control your network. This means knowing when changes in compliance occur, reacting to those changes quickly and effectively, and preventing unauthorized changes.

Compliance is the foundation of network stability, whether it is compliance to your internal corporate IT policies, government regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and HIPPA, best practices such as NSA guidelines, or other standards specific to your industry. IT compliance enables you to do business efficiently, effectively and securely.

Redcell Change Manager ensures compliance by delivering knowledge of what you have, when it changes, and how to react.

First, Redcell Change Manager discovery provides you with a detailed inventory of your entire network and how it is configured, and enables you to establish a compliance baseline to validate changes against, as well as implement a change approval process and control unwanted access to prevent non-compliant changes.

Second, Redcell Change Manager provides visibility across the entire network, empowering you to control change. Redcell's granular monitoring and ProScanTM technology detects every change to IT configuration and identifies any non-compliance. For critical changes, Redcell Change Manager notifies you in real time through your choice of method, enabling you to respond rapidly and/or restore the network to a known compliant and secure state.

Redcell Change Manager also streamlines how you report on change, providing essential details on all changes including what the specific change was, who made the change, when it was made, and whether it was authorized.

Guaranteeing service means controlling change, and this requires Redcell Change Manager. Only Redcell Change Manager has the capabilities to take you through the complete lifecycle of compliance, from setting policies through enforcement and restoration.

Redcell Change Manager lets you:

  • Detect changes to the IT environment through event-driven or via Redcell ProScan proactive change monitoring
  • Automated Notification when specific changes ocur that you need to know about
  • Comprehensive Reporting of Configuration Changes -- meaningful reports on what changed, who made the change, when the change was made and authorization status
  • Proactive Change Detection & Redcell ProScanTM

Redcell Change Manager detects configuration changes throughout your network through event-based change monitoring and proactive scanning. Event-based detection may originate from SNMP trap processing and/or Syslog monitoring. Redcell's ProScan technology allows users to define a compliant or last known certified state (including the ability to look for very specific parameters and attributes such as access control/firewall entries, routing parameters, etc.) and proactively scans the selected device groups for non-compliance.

Automated Notification and Actions

Once non-compliance is detected, Redcell Change Manager automates the appropriate actions to be taken in your network. Based upon the specific non-compliance, any pre-defined action may be taken, such as alarm generation, notification via email or pager or the initiation of a configuration restoration operation.

Comprehensive Change Reporting

Redcell Change Manager's reporting lets you define, create, populate and post meaningful change reports that present the data most appropriate for decision-making and root-cause analysis. Report templates can be defined, created and stored for on-going report generation. This gives the ability for many users to be able to run reports on pre-defined templates in order to maintain consistency of presentation. All reports can be scheduled for future and/or on-going execution. Report types include tabular or various chart forms and output formats include .html, .xml, .pdf, or .csv.

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