Service Provider Products Overview:Dynamic Resource Controller

Integration : Redcell Dynamic Controller

On demand service delivery for Security, Quality of Service and BRAS

Redcell Dynamic Controller lets you make on-demand adjustments to security, Quality of Service (QoS) and other services and policies for your subscribers. It also provides the option of empowering your customers to control their own broadband experience.

Redcell Dynamic Controller offers real-time, transparent configuration of policies across device, network, service and other user objects, and the uniform access and control of IT assets required to implement on-demand configuration changes in multi-vendor environments.

By surfacing business logic while hiding technical complexity, Redcell Dynamic Controller enables user-friendly policy and service selection and automatically handles flow-through provisioning of associated assets for activated policies and services.

Key Benefits

  • Revenue Enhancement: Differentiated services, Vendor-specific features, Time-to-market, Customer retention
  • Expense Reduction: Automate operations, Reduce human errors, Leverage infrastructure, Consolidate management
  • User Experience: Provider responsiveness, Empowerment, Service reliability, Security

Service Delivery Examples

  • Differentiated Services: VoIP, Rate Limiting, Tiered Services, Turbo Services
  • Security Services: Firewall, NAT, Intrusion Protection, IPSec
  • Other Managed Services: VPN, Wireless LAN, Web Services
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