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Redcell Inventory Manager

Strategic visibility of your IT assets and configuration

An accurate and complete inventory is the basis for maximizing the value of your IT environment's assets. A comprehensive physical and logical inventory of both deployed and un-deployed equipment arms you with information to make business-critical decisions on network usage and planning, device upgrades, compliance, equipment purchases and deployment, and cost reduction. The challenge is maintaining a current inventory of your dynamic and constantly evolving heterogeneous environment.

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Redcell Inventory Manager gives you the big picture - tracking what's actually out there, how the network is connected, how equipment is being used, who owns each device, and who is impacted -- with physical and logical assets all accessible in one tool. Only Inventory Manager offers the level of deep discovery necessary to identify logical entities such as interfaces, sub-interfaces, ports, links, services, users and even passwords. Redcell is your in-depth guide to a total understanding of your network and its operation.

The Redcell Inventory Manager is a fully automated inventory lifecycle management solution that can change the way you visualize and leverage your resources. Redcell Inventory Manager is supported by Dorado's powerful automatic deep discovery and resynchronization engine that recognizes any network- aware device including routers, switches, wireless access points, servers, PCs, printers, etc. Comprehensive device configuration data is supplied by Redcell's extensive device driver library covering thousands of the most popular networked equipment.

Redcell Inventory Manager allows you to view your environment from various perspectives, so you can quickly query aspects of the network and find components that meet a certain criteria. Its comprehensive reporting lets you tailor inventory, asset and usage data to the appropriate decision-making audience - administrators, managers, planners, purchasing, or the help desk.

Understanding your complete IT inventory is essential for managing and leveraging it today and planning for its growth tomorrow. Redcell Inventory Manager empowers you to make informed decisions, maximize IT asset return on investment, accurately plan for future capacity needs, and increase IT environment's quality of service.

Redcell Inventory Manager enables you to:

Improve IT Visibility and Control:

  • Automated deep discovery and resynchronization for precise inventory
    • Physical resources - memory, cpu, interfaces, ports, etc.
    • Links and sub-interfaces
    • Software and firmware
  • View assets from different perspectives
    • Filter on any key attribute(s) of the environment
    • Display topology views (both logical and geographic) or tabular
  • Maintain a central Configuration Management Database that all users can use
    • Understand how everything is connected and configured
    • Present critical low-level configuration data to guide decisions

Report on Inventory and Configuration management data:

  • Define, create, populate and distribute meaningful reports of all assets for the correct audience
    • Report types include tabular and charts
    • Output formats include .html, .csv, .pdf, .xml
  • Store report generation templates so that consistent information is always presented
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Automated Equipment Discovery

The Equipment Discovery Wizard takes the guesswork out of identifying the assets in your network. Automated discovery can be scheduled by using IP address ranges, IP subnet and CIDR addresses, hostname -- or you can import a file listing of IP addresses. Using the same parameters, you can also exclude elements from the discovery process if you do not want particular equipment included in your database. Not only does this reduce network traffic during the discovery process, it also eliminates the need to delete these unnecessary items from your CMDB inventory.

The Discovery Wizard also offers additional deep discovery options to help you discover subcomponent information via various management interfaces, like SNMPv1/v2/v3, Telnet, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP and SCP. It can even find Ethernet and other link information, giving you access to vital, in-depth network and connectivity data. The automated resynchronization process guarantees that the discovered asset inventory is always up-to-date by capturing all physical and logical configuration changes.

Accurate Inventory and Configuration Database

Redcell lets you easily view the details of all networked resources such as switches, routers, security appliances, servers, PCs, storage devices, printers and more. It allows you to view only those assets that are of interest, by applying appropriate filters to the inventory & configuration management database. In addition, you can view specific or all configuration attribute data for hardware, software and logical parameters such as: cpu, memory, ports, NICs, line cards, F/W version, OS version, patch levels, processes, security settings, communication protocols, routing protocols, sub-interfaces, users - and many more.

All inventory and configuration data is exportable in common formats for use within other third party or in- house systems.

Comprehensive Reporting

Redcell Inventory Manager lets you define, create, populate and post meaningful reports that present the data most appropriate for decision-making. Report templates can be defined, created and stored for on- going report generation with multiple datasets. This gives the ability for many users to be able to run reports on pre-defined templates in order to maintain consistency of presentation. All reports can be scheduled for future and/or on-going execution. Report types include tabular or various chart forms and output formats include .html, .xml, .pdf, or .csv.

Advanced Scheduling

Through Redcell's Advanced Scheduler, you are able to define and automate the execution of discovery, resynchronization and report generation operations to accurately maintain your critical asset base. You can define schedules by time, date, date-and-time, number of recurrences and cycles. You also can configure a schedule to recur hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. In addition, scheduled operations can be triggered by internal or external events.


With Redcell, operators can create and customize a variety of topology views of their IT inventory (either geographical, logical or physical). Operators can make geographic topology views representing network ed devices based on the physical location of networks spread over large distances. All views lets you gain additional network knowledge by "drilling down" with a mouse click to components within those that appear in topology.

Similarly, you can view your network based on its logical structure. You can diagram network subsegments to display logical connections between network devices.

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