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Redcell Service Center-IPSec

Redcell Service Center-IPSec (RSC-IPSec) lets network operators configure and manage all types of IPSec VPNs, including site-to-site, remote user and extranet, across multi-vendor networks. . Security policies initiate fully automated provisioning actions, immediately applying the correct device configuration needed to deploy an IPSec VPN service. Traffic and fault information can be retrieved from VPN devices for drill-down monitoring, reporting and problem resolution.

RSC-IPSec provides connections over an IP network to ensure private connections exist over the internet. It uses a site-based (not device-based) transaction model with a best effort provisioning option. Because it tracks the VPN's state at the VPN, Site, and link level, it can even retry provisioning at the VPN, Site, and individual link level for complete flow-through provisioning.

RSC-IPSec user policies at the network topology level, eliminating the need to manage complicated, time-consuming device-level details. And by integrating with a number of enterprise and network management platforms, network administrators can streamline their existing processes.

In addition to the common Redcell Service Center capabilities, like customer site creation and service discovery, Redcell Service Center-IPSec VPN (RSC-IPSec) includes a series of screens that sets up an IPSec VPN or IPSec tunnel. RSC-IPSec provides the following for such VPNs:

RSC-IPSec provides the following for such VPNs:

  • Layer 3 Tunnels and Routing
  • Site-to-site tunnel connections
  • Routed over Internet
  • Secured by IPSec
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