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Redcell gives our customers keen insight into their infrastructure inventory and how it is being used. They have provided us with valuable information to assist our customers to fully exhaust their infrastructure investment, while identifying necessary upgrades.

Hilly Sackstein,
CEO, Virtual Graffiti
Certified reseller of Dorado Software's Redcell enterprise products

Redcell Service Center - MPLS

Quickly Define and Manage MPLS Services

Redcell Service Center - MPLS provides network operators the ability to simply define and manage Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) services such as Label Switched Paths (LSP) and Named Paths. LSPs, using Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP), can determine the best path to a destination in ways the IGP (Internal Gateway Protocols) cannot. These unidirectional paths allow customers to provide better Quality of Service (QoS) or loss guarantees that require higher-grade connections.

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