Service Provider Products Overview : Redcell NetConfig

Redcell NetConfig

Global configuration file management -- create, backup and restore -- and OS management

Redcell NetConfig is a comprehensive configuration management product that automatically retrieves, maintains and restores device configuration files and firmware, eliminating inefficient and error-prone manual tasks.

Using a simple GUI, network administrators can generate, save, compare, edit and restore configuration files. Complete or partial device configurations can be generated from XML-based templated with variable substitution. In addition to managing configuration files, Redcell NetConfig also deploys firmware and operating system patches to individual, or groups of devices.

Redcell NetConfig accesses a repository of logical and physical configurations and backs up files on either a scheduled or on-demand basis so that devices can be restored at any time with the file version of choice. Files can be created and obtained by Redcell NetConfig, or any third party repository, as well as directly from the device based on a schedule, a business rule, or on-demand.

With Redcell NetConfig, you can send initial installs to individual (or groups of) devices and back up the original files, as well as retrieve configurations from devices for comparison. In the event of any interruption, such as service interruption, device failure, security breach, or circuit disconnect, Redcell NetConfig will automatically retrieve the backed-up files so that they can be immediately deployed and used to restore the device to its desired state, a function similar to common back-up and restoration processes used for databases, servers and PCs.

Redcell NetConfig offers an API for synchronization with other applications used to effect device roles, for example a provisioning action. It synchronizes with that action and updates the current configuration file of the device to match the provisioning action initiated against the device.

Key Features

  • Define valid configuration file data (configs or configlets) with easy-to-follow templates and schemas
  • Manage configurations by equipment class, role, or location
  • Schedule, or ad hoc, configuration file changes
  • Back-up & restore configuration files
  • Firmware configuration, deployment & backup
  • Manage mass deployment and archiving
  • Troubleshoot using comparison functions
  • Automate Operations -- apply to one device, groups of devices, multi-vendor devices
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