Cisco IP SLA

Dorado Software offers a robust, scalable, and cost-effective solution to our customers. In addition, their ability to manage converging infrastructures of voice, data, and video is an ideal fit in our portfolio of Cisco and Avaya solutions.

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Redcell Advanced Monitor - Cisco IP SLA Redcell Advanced Monitor - Cisco IP SLA

Quickly & Easily Monitor SLA metrics for Remote Sites

Don't just look at your IP SLA data. Use Redcell's Cisco IP SLA Monitor and start saving your IP SLA data! The Redcell Cisco IP SLA Monitor is an advanced monitoring tool that lets you quickly troubleshoot network issues with quick notifications, thresholding on metrics and flexible reporting.

  • Thresholding
  • Notification
  • Reporting

Thresholding on Metrics:

With Redcell's IP SLA monitor, you can set customizable thresholds on any metrics gathered by the IP SLA monitor, including customized calculations. A violation of these thresholds will raise an alarm within the Redcell Event Management System which in turn can notify or take other corrective and proactive measure. All metrics provided by Cisco's IP SLA are available in the Redcell Monitor. And you can use the values returned from a device in calculations to provide your own, more complex SLA metrics.


  • High latency
  • High jitter
  • Low Mean Opinion Score (MOS)
  • All other values available from a Cisco device that are IP SLA-enabled!


All data recorded by the Redcell Cisco IP SLA Monitor is also available to be used in Redcell reports.

As with all Redcell products, Redcell Cisco IP SLA Monitor is fully integrated the full suite of infrastructure and service management products.

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