Redcell gives our customers keen insight into their infrastructure inventory and how it is being used. They have provided us with valuable information to assist our customers to fully exhaust their infrastructure investment, while identifying necessary upgrades.

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Commercial Services and NFV/SDN

As virtualized network functionality becomes central to the service providers business model, they need to bring the key capabilities of NFV and SDN under management. With Dorado Software's Redcell suite, service providers can immediately recognize the advantages of their NFV and SDN initiatives when delivering commercial services, and manage OpenStack as a resource and utilize its capabilities to bring virtual network functions (VNF) under full resource management.

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Redcell can insatiate, discover, configure and monitor VNF with the same breadth of capabilities as traditional network resources. In addition, Dorado is leveraging Redcell management capabilities to bring SDN virtual and physical devices under management and to manage SDN capabilities to support network flow programmability and provide new service chaining innovation.

Unique Value Proposition for Commercial Services

Redcell's proven service management capabilities and the integration of virtual function management provides service providers with an immediate and future-proof solution to orchestrate their commercial services. In addition, Redcell offers a unique value to the management of existing network resources and the innovation of the NFV and SDN initiatives, including targeted access, multi-vendor resource management, service monitoring, service delivery and orchestration.

Redcell Fully Featured Costs


Redcell Synergy provides unparalleled flexibility in providing targeted access for specific organizations and roles within the company and with partners and customers. Using the latest browser capabilities, portal management and secure data container service providers can now offer the solutions their customer demands.

Key Features

  • Personalized Portals
  • Organization Collaboration
  • Customer Self Service
  • Web Services


Managing commercial services in an evolving competitive market is dependent on having real-time and accurate management of the multi-vendor resources required to deliver those services. Redcell has a proven record of managing existing network capabilities and evolving technologies.

Key Features

  • Discovery
  • Real-Time Inventory
  • Configuration
    • Back-up/Recovery
    • Image management
  • Physical Resources Managed
    • Network Devices
    • Physical Links
    • Servers
    • Appliances (FW)
  • Virtual Network Functions Managed
    • OpenStack
    • VNFs(Virtual Network Functions
    • NFVI
    • SDN


True service management is dependent on the visibility into the state of an end-to-end service and all of the underlying network resources that facilitate the service. Redcell offers new orchestration and self-correcting processes for close integration of service monitoring and delivery functions.

Key Features

  • Visualization
    • Resources
    • Network Topology
    • Service Topology
  • Performance Monitoring
    • IP SLA, SNMP, Bandwidth, CoS , Server, Y.1731
  • Fault Management
    • Alarm Propagation


Successful service delivery requires prioritization of functions, abstraction of the complexity, flexibility of construction and manual and programmatic accessibility to provide the richness of service demanded by commercial customers. The Redcell Service Center provides both the predefined services and the tools necessary to deliver these capabilities.

Key Features

  • Service Modeling
  • Activation
  • Process Control
  • Commercial Services
    • Ethernet, IP, MPLS L3/L2 Services
  • NVF/SDN Management
    • VNF function management
    • SDN
    • Application Policy
  • Work Orders
  • Order Approval


Service management is inevitably subject the evolving nature of the supporting infrastructure, increased demands from the customer and the integration with existing systems and organizations. Orchestration allows providers to meet these challenges. Dorado suite of open access, resource management and integrated service delivery and monitoring allows them to offer clear differentiation in managing all aspects of their commercial service management

Key Features

  • Integration
    • RESTful Interface
    • BSS/OSS integration
  • NFVI/VNF Selection Process
    • Managing NFVI
    • Managing VNF
  • Service Chaining Management
    • Physical
    • Virtual
  • Automated Closed Loop processes
    • E2E Monitoring
    • Event Processing
    • Automated Actions

Redcell and NFV

Dorado Software's Redcell NFV program maps directly to the current guidance being produced by the ETSI NFV working groups.

  • Dorado Software is a member of the ETSI NVF ISG
  • Redcell Service Center allows the delivery of NFV benefits today
  • Legacy management allows for an orderly and cost effective integration of NFV capabilities
  • OpenStack allows immediate management of NVF and SDN Innovation
  • Redcell integrated monitoring can be offered as a virtualized feature.


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