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We were looking for a single tool for IT asset configuration, remediation and monitoring, and Redcell had everything that we were looking for already integrated, and we liked the price

Dave Nebral, Network/Telecom Manager at Greatbatch

Network Configuration Change & Compliance Management

Proactive deployment, monitoring, and enforcement of network change & compliance

Knowledge is power -- and knowledge about network configuration change is the power to control your network and ensure uninterrupted service to your users. This means the ability to control changes across your distributed network, knowing when changes occur, by able to react quickly, effectively and automatically to unauthorized and/or out-of-compliance changes.

Configuration compliance is the foundation of network security, whether it is compliance to your internal IT policies, service agreements with customers, government regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and HIPAA, best practices such as the NSA guidelines, or standards specific to your industry. Accurate compliance policy enforcement enables you to do run the business more securely and with less disruption. Whenever a network configuration is changed, the first questions should be: "Are any application users affected? Is the network still compliant?"

Guaranteeing expected service delivery means controlling change, and this requires the Redcell Change and Compliance Management Solution. Only Redcell has the capabilities to take you through the complete lifecycle of configuration change & compliance, from setting policies through enforcement and restoration.

The Redcell Configuration, Change and Compliance Management solution ensures compliance by delivering knowledge -- what you have, when it changes, and how to react.

This Redcell solution is comprised of Redcell OpsCenter for deep discovery and flexible reporting in addition to Redcell Network Commander for change and configuration management

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Key Solution Benefits

  • Deliver consistent and secure network service
  • Plan and automatically execute bulk configuration changes correctly
  • Detect and notify on all or unwanted changes
  • Continuously analyze changes to ensure in-compliance state
  • Automatically remediate when problems do occur
  • Report on the who, what and when of configuration change and compliance

Key Solution Features

  • Deep discovery provides you with a detailed inventory of your network across your entire customer base and how it is configured, and enables you to establish a compliance baseline to validate changes against, as well as implement a change approval process and control unwanted access to prevent non-compliant changes.
  • Make global changes to the network infrastructure including customer premise equipment (CPE), and services such as VPNs, and effortlessly verify compliance and security.
  • Provides visibility across the network, empowering you to control change.
  • Granular monitoring detects every configuration change and identifies any non-compliance.
  • Notifies you in real time through your choice of method, enabling you to respond rapidly and restore the network to a previously compliant and secure state.
  • Streamlines how you report on change, providing essential details on all changes including what the specific change was, who made the change, when it was made, and whether it was authorized.
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