Storage Management
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Redcell presents a single pane of glass of the datacenter and provides our administrators the power and flexibility to manage it with a customizable permission-based graphical user interface (GUI).

Juan Barrera, Internet Systems Manager at Weslaco ISD

Storage Management

Integrated Storage Infrastructure Management and CMDB

One of the key problems that IT infrastructure managers are facing is explosive information growth and consequently increased storage needs. Most of the problems associated with SAN and storage management originate in views embedded in legacy IT operations: storage is considered as an isolated island and managed using vendor specific point solutions with very little or no integration with other infrastructure management. Redcell offers one console and common integrated Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and a set of tools for full life cycle of storage infrastructure management.

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Solution Benefits

Reduced SW expenses for point management solutions:

While storage infrastructure cost has decreased, management costs continue their upward trend. One console management solution in most cases reduces the need for element managers and associated SW licenses and reduces staffing and training expenses.
Redcell allows configuration of all elements that comprise storage area networks (SANs). Full set of fabric management configuration tasks including VSANs and zoning configuration is provided.
At the storage device level all aspects of the offered storage service level such as capacity, protection level and security can be configured and monitored. Device configuration primitives such as RAID group create modify and delete, LUN configuration, LUN masking and mapping and replication management are provided. Flexible architecture allows composition and layering for complex IT service creation.

Increased storage and interconnect device utilization:

Redcell’s deep discovery feature, when used in conjunction with the system inventory functions, provides comprehensive visibility of storage CIs. This information is synchronized with the CMDB to provide a complete picture of assets and dependencies that can be represented in highly customizable reports. Additionally with Redcell, administrators can create and customize a variety of topology views in various formats. All views let the user gain additional environmental knowledge by "drilling down" with a mouse click to components within those that appear in topology. Additionally, using active monitoring, allows setting of capacity thresholds and actions at device and group level.

Fast Problem Resolution:  

Single “pane of glass” view into infrastructure allows for quick problem resolution without the use of multiple point tools. The connectivity data when synchronized with asset data in the CMDB creates a complete picture of your infrastructure that can be represented in highly customizable reports or via a topology view. Both iSCSI and FC based SANs are supported.

Increased operational efficiency: 

Staffing needs and errors are reduced while performing daily tasks such as discovery, group operations, compliance and change management, and health monitoring and problem resolution. Redcell centrally registers and tracks all storage CI elements including their status, credentials, CI management attributes and relationships. Using CMDB and a common set of configuration primitives in a vendor and device independent manner shortens learning period and reduces chance of errors in day to day operations.

Technical Specifications

Management Interface Support:

  • SNMPv1/v2/v3; Proprietary Device CLI, XML, SSH, WMI/CIM, Web services, RMI/IIOP, TL1

Device Support:

  • Dell/EMC AX Fibre Channel/iSCSI storage arrays
  • Dell/EMC CX Series Fibre Channel/iSCSI storage arrays
  • Dell MD Fibre Channel/iSCSI RAID arrays
  • Cisco MDS SAN switches
  • Brocade SAN Switches
  • Emulex, Qlogic HBAs

System Commander Downloads

Dorado Redcell Storage Commander Datasheet (pdf) Download Storage Commander Datasheet


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