Redcell gives our customers keen insight into their infrastructure inventory and how it is being used. They have provided us with valuable information to assist our customers to fully exhaust their infrastructure investment, while identifying necessary upgrades.

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Managing The Evolution of LTE

Managing LTE to Delivery High Quality Mobile Broadband at the Lowest Cost

Long Term Evolution (LTE) provides the bandwidth necessary to deliver advanced and compelling services. It will no longer be good enough to maintain the quality of the network. Service providers must differientiate themselves by monitoring the user experience or quality of experience.Mobile providers face a number of challenges with technologies and standards at and beyond 3GPP / LTE. From new, emerging technology to increasing scale and growth, 3GPP / LTE promises to challenge mobile providers in a variety of disciplines.

Scaling will be a factor as well. The introduction of new services and features that come as a result of LTE deployment will drive an increase in individual mobile adoption rates. While per-user usage will also increase, resulting in an increased per-user revenue growth, individual mobile adoption and usage will expand as well. This will result in an increased need to quickly and smoothly scale the configuration, deployment and provisioning of all parts of the network from devices to gateways.

Another challenge facing mobile providers will be the requirement of maintaining a hybrid environment for years to come. TDM and the more traditional telco technologies will not just go away with the advent of 3GPP / LTE. The typical mobile operator will need to maintain a TDM / Ethernet environment through several device lifecycles. The interface / integration requirements for these hybrid platforms will be a challenge.

Redcell LTE Solution

Redcell LTE Solution

Dorado Software's Redcell Suite of Resource Management, Service Management, Fulfillment and Assurance products offers Service Providers a true end-to-end solution for their next generation OSS. From service activation, fulfillment and assurance to managing your resources.

The suite is flexible and scalable to meet a wide range of installations, and packaged with tools to easily customize implementations to meet any environments requirements, including any service and

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Key Features of Redcell:

  • Service Provisioning / Activation
    • E-line, E-LAN, E-Tree
    • QoS for Voice, Video, Data
    • MPLS, L2/L3
    • Mobile Backhaul, LTE, IMS

  • Health & Performance Monitoring
    • Real-time device & service

  • Deep Discovery & Inventory:
    • Single database & GUI for consistent service configuration & activation
    • All H/W, S/W, physical & logical sub components

  • Topology
    • Hierarchical visual mapping services with alarm propagation

  • Configuration Management
    • Real-time configuration changes
    • Change detection & policy-based evaluation

  • File, OS Management
    • Backup, restoration, archiving, deployment & comparison

  • Comprehensive Reporting
    • Inventory: By Device, Sub component, Service
    • Change / Compliance: Who, What, When, How

  • Integration, Customization
    • Service Studio tools for quick modeling of any service
    • Device Driver SDK to support any device

Literature and Downloads

Service Provider Solutions LTE Solution Note (pdf)

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