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Dorado Software offers a robust, scalable, and cost-effective solution to our customers. In addition, their ability to manage converging infrastructures of voice, data, and video is an ideal fit in our portfolio of Cisco and Avaya solutions.

Ken Apperson, President, Quagga

Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Management

Effortless and effective remote configuration and maintenance

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Customer premise equipment (CPE) is your connection to the customer. Without an efficient, flexible and effective way to commission, configure and manage this equipment, you are unable to guarantee availability, meet service levels, boost revenue by adding new services, and most important of all, maintain the customer relationship. Managing an infrastructure of networking equipment distributed geographically across your entire customer base is challenging. With such a vast number of CPE devices in your network, comprehensive inventory and change management is also a must in order to control costs associated with stranded and ill-configured assets.

The Redcell CPE Management Solution is a straightforward and efficient management system that can substantially reduce the number of truck rolls. All the tasks your team used to perform on-site at the customer location can now be automated or completed remotely with Redcell, through an intuitive GUI that minimizes your resource cost. Redcell is a centralized CPE management system that covers your entire network of customer equipment, allowing you to automatically commission, configure, activate, monitor, upgrade and identify change within your CPE roster, and efficiently add subscribers and deploy hot new services.

A highly scalable solution, Redcell can automate global changes across a multi-vendor network of devices, enabling you to update thousands of boxes at a time, by geographic location, customer name or device type. But Redcell also offers the granularity of inventory, configuration and performance data you need to troubleshoot CPE configurations, enabling you to quickly solve issues before they impact the customer. Redcell automates the deployment and management of all types of CPE, such as DSL modems, access routers, cable modems, security devices, and WLAN devices. And Dorado is on top of the latest technology and standards, so you can realize the full potential of the newest CPE products quickly.

The Redcell CPE Management Solution increases your productivity and reduces the cost of operation, while equipping you with the resources to strengthen the client relationship and secure customer loyalty. Redcell also gives you more power over your CPE network to rollout trial services cost-effectively and explore innovative ways to grow profits.

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