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Juan Barrera, Internet Systems Manager at Weslaco ISD

Mobile Backhaul

Managing the Complexity of Mobile Backhaul Networks

With the continuing proliferation of wireless phones, PDA's, and other mobile devices, bandwidth is at an ever increasing premium for service providers. And while these devices are not only bandwidth intensive, their users expect the highest level of service! Service providers are struggling to keep up with the bandwidth and quality demand using legacy networks that are not designed for IP traffic, not to mention the many vendor solutions and manual processes that further complicate the situation.

Since Ethernet networks are designed specifically to handle IP data traffic and are significantly less expensive to deploy and maintain, it makes sense that it is quickly becoming the network of choice for mobile backhaul solutions. Service Providers have a choice: keep spending money to expand their legacy network or make the Ethernet investment and convert their network to support the increasing backhaul needs.

With Dorado Software's Redcell Mobile Backhaul solution, Service Providers can take that next step to resolve the bandwidth challenges by converting to Ethernet. While they do this they need to take certain things into
consideration: how will the service be deployed from the Core Network to the Base station? what systems are needed to accomplish the activation? once the service has been provisioned, how do they ensure Quality of Service?

The Redcell Mobile Backhaul solution provides answers to these questions. In order to be competitive and cost effective, Service Providers need minimize the amount of time and resources it takes to deploy these services. With the Redcell Mobile Backhaul solution a technician needs to go out to the base station and turn up a Network Interface Device (NID). Once this NID comes on-line, Redcell will discover this device and bring it under management. Redcell will automatically detect the link between the NID and the Edge device and provision the E-line or E-tree service. Once the service is provisioned Redcell will automatically begin monitoring that service; performing continuity checks, loopback tests, jitter, latency.etc. How easy is that?!

With the Redcell Mobile Backhaul solution, Service Providers are able to take that next step into the world of Ethernet Backhaul to support their ever growing bandwidth needs.

  • Features

Key Features

  • End-To-End, Auto Provisioning

  • QoS/CoS management

  • Ethernet OAM

  • End-to-End Event Management
  • Detailed Inventory
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