Performance Management & Network Traffic Analysis

Advanced Proactive Application & Service Performance Monitoring

Managing service performance and delivery across modern enterprise networks is not an easy task. Modern networks consist of diverse technologies from multiple vendors, converged infrastructures, changing workloads, etc. - usually managed by teams with limited resources.

The Redcell Broadscope products for Performance Management & Network Traffic Analysis automatically captures and intelligently analyzes metrics from devices, applications and interfaces to build a complete and accurate picture of how well an organization is delivering application and network services to its users.

Redcell Broadscope monitors & displays key performance indicators for all infrastructure resources, ensuring that network operators have accurate, on-time information in order to make sound decisions for consistent application service delivery - including immediate problem resolution, on-going performance tuning, and future network planning.

In addition, Redcell Broadscope collects and deciphers existing IP traffic flows to determine which applications and/or users are most impacting network and application response times and service levels. It offers users better administrative control of unauthorized traffic and protection of valuable bandwidth for critical and demanding business applications.

The Redcell Broadscope product suite includes:

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