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Redcell presents a single pane of glass of the datacenter and provides our administrators the power and flexibility to manage it with a customizable permission-based graphical user interface (GUI).

Juan Barrera, Internet Systems Manager at Weslaco ISD

VPN Management

Rapid, Accurate and Secure MPLS and IPSec VPN deployment

Virtual private networks (VPN) are a standard business tool, enabling a level of global information sharing. Although VPNs make life easier for users, setting up VPNs with diverse components from various vendors -- without making a mistake -- is a complex, time-consuming and tedious task.

Successful VPN deployments require the ability to quickly and reliably define, activate, and manage VPNs. Dorado's Redcell VPN Management Solutions deliver the insight you need to streamline the process, providing visibility across your IP and MPLS devices and services. With the power of Redcell, you can make informed decisions to optimize your VPN assets, improve the service and lower costs.

  • Features

VPN Management Features

  • Service discovery, in addition to device discovery, furnishes you with the most comprehensive view of your VPN environment.

  • Reveal the actual connections and all the VPN users across the network, enhanced by drill-down monitoring, reporting and problem resolution.

  • Add VPN services, and modify, and control the entire heterogeneous environment for both or either MPLS and IPSEC VPNs

  • Simplify VPN deployment with an intuitive GUI, template-based process and automated flow-through policy provisioning and activation that minimizes errors and eliminates configuration complexities.

  • Fluent in the semantics of the diverse vendor devices so you can quickly set up connections without having to learn the idiosyncrasies of every single device in your multi-vendor environment.

  • Work at the network topology level -- bypassing complicated device-level details -- and simply designating VPN members and entering customer site information

Redcell's VPN Management is an adaptable and scalable solution that can facilitate VPN deployment for large and dynamic environments through transaction-based automated configuration, but it is also a flexible and cost-effective tool for smaller companies establishing discrete configurations on a point-by-point basis. No matter what your requirements are, Redcell is the solution you need to create, deploy, add and manage VPNs.

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