Dorado Announces Single Stack Solution for Enterprise SONiC


Dorado is excited to announce a single-stack solution for Enterprise SONiC-based networking solutions. First, Dorado will align and advance their Cruz Portfolio for orchestration, automation, control, and monitoring solutions that are currently integrated to Enterprise SONiC for enterprise networking. Second, Dorado will package Enterprise SONiC on Broadcom’s Tomahawk and Trident portfolio with Dorado’s Cruz products for direct-to-end-user deployments, providing a single source of the software stack and support and deployment services.


As Dorado continues to deploy its leading Cruz Portfolio to support AI, HPC, Campus, and Data Center/Edge Network Fabrics for end users leveraging SONiC, and advancements continue in silicon and Enterprise SONiC, Dorado’s single stack solution will align all layers of a SONiC deployment, providing market-leading technologies to support these use cases.


Dorado will package its software products, including Enterprise SONiC, to end users worldwide. As a part of this distribution, Dorado will provide L1 & L2 support on Broadcom’s silicon portfolio and professional services for design, deployment, and management. This lets customers buy the leading software packages for the modern networking software stack, pre-integrated from a single supplier. Customers will be empowered to choose the white box hardware based on their decision criteria.   


The combination of Dorado’s premier product line for Orchestration, Automation, Control and Monitoring and Enterprise SONiC gives customers simplicity and choice for the networking stack. As we move to the next generation of technologies supporting AI, Cloud Native Data Centers, Telco/Wireless 5G and Campus Fabrics, end users will have a leading option for SONiC solutions – one that begins the journey for the benefits of true open-source NOS vision.


For more information on how this lets you easily leverage open networking solutions with Cruz and Enterprise SONiC, contact us today.