Orchestrate the Edge and Manage Virtual Assets at Scale

Cruz Edge Orchestrator manages the operating infrastructure software and virtualized functions in today's network edge and distributed compute initiatives and offers critical features for remote technical support and scaling. It is a powerful single console for

Day 1/Day 2 management of  converging infrastructures and network operations.
Key Benefits
  • Operating System and hypervisor flexibility (Microsoft, Linux, ESXi , KVM, HyperV)
  • Bring your own uCPE or SDWAN appliance
  • Virtual Functions (Velocloud, Palo Alto, Fortinet, and more)Optimize hardware and software to meet requirements and budget
  • Reduce manual SW configuration across edge, at scale
  • Reduce operating costs for time-to-deploy software updates and costly configuration error correction
  • Minimize costs of onsite support and windshield time with remote single pane-of-glass


  • Any edge - branch office, retail, datacenter, towers, hospital, campus, etc.
  • Remote management and monitoring
Coordinate associated external management reducing complexity and additional software support costs
  • Integrate to SDWAN Orchestrators (Velocloud, Silver Peak)
  • Automated edge activation
  • Manage other edge infrastructures (Dell, Cisco, Juniper, firewalls, switches, servers, PS's, laptops, etc.)
Reduce software and training costs with centralized support and automation of software lifecycle
  • Action Workflow – Simplify complex /integrated deployment processes
  • Actions Groups – Repetitive action across multi hosts/sites
  • Scheduling – Manage rollouts and downtime
  • Policy Management – Single source of corporate practices


 Key Features
  • Maintain Software Function Library – Onboard, maintain, and automate access to software image library that supports the edge solution lifecycle.
  • Maintain Software Compliance – Integrated tools to discover, backup, monitor, and validate software versions and configurations against corporate standards.
  • Bare Metal Software Management – Manage the initial deployments of BIOS, Operating System, Hypervisor, and designated virtual function software, for un-staged edge installs or as required.
  • Manage Virtual Software Updates – Automate initial deployment or update of individual software, or associated groups of software components.
  • Validate Software Dependencies – Automate and/or manually create software version and configuration dependencies to support automated software updates.
  • Manage External Functions – Support end-to-end orchestration by automating processes to interact/configure software or network functions outside of the edge site. Includes network configuration, SDWAN orchestrators, and connected apps.
  • Create Action Workflows – Multi-step processes to support complex software deployments and dependencies.
  • Create/Schedule Groups Actions – Associate and schedule actions against defined groups of devices across multiple edge or distributed locations.
  • Manage Roll-back Scenarios – Roll-back to back out simple or complex software update actions.
  • Day 2 Monitoring and Automation – Monitor across the edge solution and automate corrective processes. For instance, upon a software update, automatically initiate monitoring and support new capabilities. 



Single Pane-of-glass

With Cruz Edge Orchestrator, you can manage image onboarding, version management, dependency policies, compliance validation, backup and restore, instantiation and deployment, planning and scheduling for site and multi-site upgrades....all from a single console and for all of your multi-vendor edge software assets:

  • Bare Metal (BIOS)
  • Network OS (OS10, …)
  • Compute OS (Linux, MS)
  • Hypervisor (KVM, ESXi, HyperV)
  • Orchestrators (vCenter, Openstack)
  • VM/Containers
  • SDWAN Orchestrators (Velocloud, Silver Peak)
  • VNF (Velocloud, Palo Alto, Juniper SRX, Cisco, Silver Peak)

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