Dorado Software Selected as Top SDN Solution Providers

Embrace the Automation Era. 

As technology rapidly advances, networks have become increasingly complex—and increasingly indispensable to businesses in a digital-first world. It’s why so many businesses across industries are shifting to the cloud and ranking-2implementing network automation and orchestration for agility, flexibility, and efficiency.

Yet network automation in a post-deployment environment, on top of legacy, embedded infrastructure, presents significant challenges. Legacy, embedded infrastructure was not built for advanced, software-defined automation. In addition, infrastructure refreshes introduce complexity, from defining architecture and managing upgrades in technology to pushing them out to thousands of devices and endpoints across multiple locations. And, in an always-on world, downtime isn’t an option, as time is money. But neither is the status quo, as the demands of consumers, data, and security compel businesses toward infrastructure refreshes for more resilient networks.

Dorado is driving change in the networking marketplace through innovation in the SONiC network operating system world as an expert in deploying and operating SONiC networks and network fabrics. Short for Software for Open Network in the Cloud, SONiC is an open-source network operating system based on Linux that runs on switches from multiple vendors and application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). It offers a full suite of functionality, enabling flexibility to create business-specific network solutions. According to Gartner, SONiC implementation is on the rise—and as it ascends, Dorado is focused on delivering the best-of-breed products for SONiC use cases for automated design, deployment, and day2 operations. When a SONiC network infrastructure coexists with legacy and adjacent networking technologies, Dorado’s SONiC+ Solutions will provide E2E support by integrating those technologies and vendors into the solution.

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Dorado Software Selected as Top SDN Solution Providers