Dorado to Speak at SONiC Workshop - OCP Lisbon on April 24

SONiC Workshop: Wed, April 24, 1 pm – 5 pm | OCP Regional Event | Lisbon

Dorado Software is slated to discuss SONiC Migration during the OCP's SONiC Workshop an event sponsored by Stordis

Please join us at the SONiC Workshop, sponsored by Stordis – The Open Network Expert, on Wednesday, April 24 at the OCP Regional Summit in Lisbon, Portugal.

Migrating to SONiC Fabrics: from Campus Networks to Telco Edge Solutions

Stefan Bokaie, Dorado Software's CTO, takes the stage at 3:50pm to present customer challenges and opportunities for introducing SONiC into their network.

SONiC has opened the door for traditional White Box vendors to participate, benefit, and drive down costs, especially for medium and large enterprises. Given its architecture, SONiC is also being adopted as the building block for a disaggregated Telco Edge and is considered for HPC and AI fabrics.

Although flexible, there is no one-size-fits-all architecture, migration and deployment, or operation strategy utilizing SONiC elements. Bokaie's presentation will evaluate the cost (Capex and Opex), quality, sustainability, and extent of various options available to customers. It will highlight challenges, provide possible solutions, and call to action the SONiC community to further innovate and introduce solutions paving the way for broader SONiC deployment.

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Dorado to Speak at SONiC Workshop - OCP Lisbon on April 24