Collaboration Platform to Build Network Operational Communities

Cross-Organization Collaboration to Work the Way You Want

The Cruz Portfolio leverages a collaboration and social application platform to help IT administrators build operational communities across management system silos.

The shared collaboration platform ignites real-time problem diagnosis to effectively manage complex converging networks:

    • Cross-organizational collabortation gives IT work groups a truly integrated and customizable experience to instantly access both vital network and service information, in addition to co-worker’s expertise, from anywhere.
    • Cruz's web-based UI offers ease-of-use, social networking, and collaboration capabilities across all Dorado Cruz products and 3rd-party applications.
    • Highly customizable portals offer flexible dashboards that you can easily tailor to present only the information that you desire, in the format that you like.
    • In a single solution, IT managers can view and manage diverse environments with multiple technologies and vendors.

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Cruz Collaboration Benefits

  • Cross-Organization Collaboration
  • Share information across operational work groups to solve network problems quicker and deliver services faster
  • Easy-to-use, integrate, maintain, and deploy
  • Flexible, adaptable to existing systems
  • Intelligent real-time diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Easily create custom views to access information
  • Encourages cross-silo interaction and collaboration across all CruzOC and 3rd party applications
  • Role-based access, view and admin for secure and controlled access to resources

Cruz Collaboration Scenarios

  • Instant Access and Collaboration: Eliminate finger pointing, costly delays, and wasting IT staff’s time with cross-silo interaction.
  • Vendor and External Resource Integration: Improve the MTTR for critical and business affecting issues with timely access to context-driven vendor knowledge on equipment, system configurations, and related device dependencies.
  • In-house Expert Look-up and Engagement: Maximize your team’s experience and eliminate delays in waiting for vendor support but improving awareness and accessibility of co-worker’s abilities.

Key Architectural Features

  • Built-in Collaboration Platform including: Wiki, knowledgebase, instant messaging, message boards, activity tacking, shared calendar, user/user community capabilities and conference rooms.
  • Centrally managed architecture lets you manage geographically dispersed sites from a single instance
  • Asynchronous execution of tasks and automation eliminate wait for tasks to complete.
  • Shared user sessions reduce bandwidth and IO usage.