Complete Visibility and Monitoring of Hyper Converged, Multi-cloud, and Hybrid Infrastructures

Today’s enterprise data centers have an increasing demand for availability, simplicity, and speed, yet the complexity of their environments with multi-cloud, hybrid, and hyper-converged IT is getting ever more difficult to manage. Enterprise IT needs an effective way to automate operations and manage the growing complexity of modern IT environments that have a mixture of cloud platform deployment models, while still managing costs, security, and compliance.

The Cruz Operations Center – Nutanix Console, offers dynamic visibility and monitoring of hybrid, multi-cloud, and hyper-converged infrastructures…all from a single-pane-of-glass. This umbrella management solution gives administrators one console with implicit automation to control their data center operations with key functions for Nutanix, like flexible log management and analysis, automated stacked compliance and configuration validation, external hybrid cloud integration support, automated configuration and error correction, and multi-device updating and configuration.

Cruz Operations Center is validated AHV Integrated and Nutanix-Ready solution

Key Benefits:

Single Console for Hybrid, Multi-Cloud, and Hyper Converged Infrastructure Management – Actively monitor fault, traffic, and performance of the underlying hardware and software infrastructure from a central location.

Flexible Log Management and Analysis – Log analytic capabilities for key Nutanix and hardware information sources and allows operators to do general, specific, and near real-time analysis of the current and future state of cloud capabilities.

Automate Cluster Deployment – Manage existing network fabric, regardless of vendor, evaluate its current configuration, and automate the configuration of the existing network so Nutanix can automatically connect and activate new cluster capabilities.

Dynamic Visibility –See hardware and software changes and activity in real time in topology, health, compliance, and reporting.

Key Features

  • Single, comprehensive view of corporate HCI resources
  • Details HCI infrastructure Monitoring and performance
  • Flexible log management and analysis
  • Stack compliance and configuration validation
  • Automated operations and configuration
  • Link services to templates – Configure VPNs, for example, by copying them from templates
  • Direct integration to compute hardware for visibility and even correlation, updates, and configuration
  • External hybrid cloud integration support
  • Multi-device updating and configuration
  • Converged Rack Operations