uCPE Solution

Dorado Software provides industry-proven and scalable resource management, performance monitoring, and service orchestration software to automate cloud operations in today’s enterprise and service provider markets. Dorado’s Universal customer premise equipment (uCPE) solution accelerates network transformation by easing the adoption of virtual edge/SD-WAN with central management for deep infrastructure visibility and automation of on-demand NFV services with zero-touch provisioning. From a single console, Dorado’s Cruz products provides integrated hybrid resource management, dynamic log management, and service orchestration for virtual edge deployments.

uCPE Solution

Dorado’s uCPE solution includes the following components:

  • Cruz Operations Center (CruzOC): Industry-proven resource, monitoring, performance and backup/configuration platform
  • CruzLog: Integrated and flexible tools to collect, filter, analyze, visualize, and manage system and application logs.
  • CruzControl: Resource management, orchestration, and configuration of virtual and physical network services.


  • Resource, Alarm, and Performance Management
  • Backup / Configuration
  • Action Creation & Execution
  • Traffic management
  • Topology
  • Scheduling


  • Log Collection
  • Visualization
  • Dynamic Log Control
  • Dynamic Visualization



  • Onboard & Discover any VNF
  • Resource Management of VIM
  • Definition and Instantiation of Network Service
  • Integrated PNF and VNF management



4600/14xx Management

  • Deep integration into edge hardware for management, monitoring, configuration & performance for Dell hardware.
  • Supports broad array of edge equipment from Dell including 4600, 14xx, PowerEdge, VxRail, etc., as well as other networking and storage devices.

Orchestration & Automation of Entire Stack Deployment

  • Array of automation options for deployment orchestration for all stack components.
  • Automated network service configuration & deployment. Closed-loop automated error correction & scaling.

Bring your own VNF, VF (applications), Hypervisor, Edge Device, Network Services

  • Maximum flexibility for selecting the right virtual edge stack for application and user requirements from industry standard providers such as VMWare, Dell, etc.
  • Superior list of on-boarded VNFs to choose from, certified on VMware and Redhat.
  • Reference platforms and vendors are delivered off the shelf.

Complete Management & Operations of Virtual Edge Stack

  • Zero Touch to Operations and Management (ZTOM) of remote virtual edge stack components.
  • One console for management of all virtual edge stack components, technologies and vendors.
  • Contiguous single screen visibility for Day 0-2 management processes and broader hybrid services.

Complete Management & Operations of Multi-Vendor, PNF & Virtual Edge Stack Resources

  • Manage existing and legacy site resources including switches, servers, appliances, power supplies, etc.
  • Monitoring, traffic, configuration, automation, performance, compliance & array of other management applications along with sophisticated analytics capabilities.
  • Industry-proven resource management and performance management at scale.


  • Maximum flexibility for customer to choose components that fit their requirements and cost profile.
  • Eliminate technical support costs with automated on-site installation of VEP and Network Services.
  • Minimize support application costs with integrated management for VEP, other branch equipment, and broader corporate resources.
  • Reduce support training cost with single screen for both contiguous Day 0 (Install) thru Day 2 (Manage) VEP operations and broader ongoing corporate resource management.
  • Ongoing VNF management for scaling, updates and new network or application orchestration.
  • Comprehensive visibility to VEP status with full bare-metal, operating system, log, and VNF performance monitoring.
  • Proven Scalability to allow more effective organization of support resources and staff.

Hybrid Management

  • Cross equipment domains – manage diverse equipment, both physical and virtual, for compute and network services. (e.g. Dell PowerEdge, VEP 4600, Juniper Firefly SRX, Cisco CSR1000, Velocloud Edge).
  • Cross cloud architectures – support leading data center, HCI, and edge cloud architectures (e.g. Azure, AWS, VMWare, Nutanix, Dell VEP).
  • Cross functional domains – manage functionality both in the network and application domain and support interaction between.