Campus Wireless Network Management Solution


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Modernizing your wireless infrastructure can be a headache for IT organizations. Keeping track of all the devices in your environment, how they relate to each other and to other parts of the infrastructure, and what services they affect, can be difficult and time-consuming. And managing an enterprise wireless network increases in complexity as the number of controllers, APs and network switches expand. This is especially true for those that adopt network components from different vendors, using different APIs and interfaces, to leverage vendor-specific best-in-class features.

Because business operations depend on the health of the network, enterprises need multifaceted management tools that monitor, maintain, and provide visibility across your wired and wireless network.


Dorado Software’s Cruz Operations Center (CruzOC) is a unified Enterprise IT management system to view, monitor, deploy, and configure multi-vendor wired and wireless IT infrastructures. CruzOC works with both CommScope Ruckus products (access points, controllers) and Dell networking devices (N /S-series switches) to provide complete wired and wireless visibility, connectivity, and management.

With CruzOC, IT departments can simplify the deployment and management headaches with a single tool to obtain performance statistics; monitor health; backup/restore/deploy firmware; push and monitor configurations to wireless controllers, APs, and network switches; trigger network health alerts; automate repetitive tasks; simplify troubleshooting, and ensure service availability.

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Campus Wireless Network Management Solution