Cruz Manages the Edge - Any Edge


The edge facilitates a wide range of valuable business opportunities. From delivering better internet services for 100s of restaurants to providing service providers with distributed 5G processing, edge infrastructure has become the core for many diverse and promising business models. Some example opportunities include:

  • Align IoT or 5G support process closer to their customers
  • Distribute cloud features for better latency and meet regulatory data restrictions
  • Apply security routines earlier in the network flow
  • Apply advanced network load optimization at the edge (SDWAN access)
  • Video compression and enforcement of regional content policies
  • Manage remote sites, like ships or oil rigs, in connected or disconnect modes, as conditions dictate

Edge solutions leverage key IT technologies to deliver the promise of these business models. For instance, software virtualization methods (VM, containers) allow network functions, applications, and even storage, to be dynamically deployed, updated, and replaced while regulating their resource commitments by time and demand. Also, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) clusters simplify the scaling of cloud capabilities in distributed locations. Finally, new compute processors are optimized to support varied business requirements, such as network traffic or video management.


To make the business opportunities of edge solutions financially viable, some operational challenges must be managed. Initial deployment of the infrastructure and processes to numerous distributed sites requires automated software management and remote access. Comprehensive asset management is also key to understanding the relationship between the varied technologies and their dependencies and affect the overall performance and software lifecycle. Ongoing software updates need to be automated to leverage the open software model, eliminate manual errors, and minimize onsite technical support. Site environmentals are essential to ensure continuous edge solution operations. Finally, autonomous operations for sites that could be disconnected from WAN and centralized control needs to be provided.  


Dorado Software’s Cruz Operations Center (CruzOC) is a unified Enterprise IT management system to view, monitor, deploy, and configure the network infrastructure and lets you maximize performance, reduce office/store visits, avoid unplanned truck rolls, and eliminate outages.

The Cruz Edge Management Solution offers a single-pane-of-glass for comprehensive security, compliance, health, performance, and software lifecycle orchestration for any infrastructure in your remote edge software-defined infrastructure and legacy hardware.

In a single solution, IT managers can view and manage diverse environments of multiple technologies – physical/virtual/compute/network – from multiple vendors.

With CruzOC, IT departments can simplify deployment and management headaches. With a single tool, you can obtain performance statistics; monitor health; backup/restore/deploy firmware; push and monitor configurations to wireless controllers, APs, and network switches; trigger network health alerts; automate repetitive tasks; simplify troubleshooting, and ensure service availability.

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Cruz Manages the Edge - Any Edge