The Time for SONiC is Now!

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The time for #SONiC is now!

Adopting SONiC is an excellent way to modernize your network infrastructure and take advantage of the latest technologies. With SONiC, you’ll get access to an open-source platform that supports a wide range of hardware platforms and tools. This makes building a scalable and highly available network with many different configurations easy. Additionally, it gives you access to a large and growing developer community that can help customize the platform to meet your needs.

Cruz from Dorado Software provides monitoring, visibility, and management of your SONiC leaf, spine, super-spine, DCI, and fabrics in addition to traditional/adjacent network multi-vendor environments. Our platform provides network engineers, architects, and operators with a unified view of the entire environment, allowing them to quickly assess performance, identify and troubleshoot issues, analyze trends over time, and plan for future changes.

With our intuitive dashboard interface, you can gain insights into the health of your SONiC-based fabric, including performance and metrics such as latency, packet loss, and throughput. You can also drill down into individual components to view detailed analytics, such as port utilization, packet drop-by policy rules, and inventory management.

Find out how Cruz SONiC Solutions can save time and money by automating SONiC fabrics and configuring large-scale network deployments and refreshes.

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The Time for SONiC is Now!