CRUZ in Action: 5 Clear Views for Converged Infrastructure Visibility
- - Friday, April 13, 2018

Utilize consolidated dashboards, topology and hierarchical views, geo-tagging, and multi-tenancy for improved visibility into converged infrastructures.

For organizations modernizing their infrastructure, their personnel are also transforming from a set of siloed teams between networking, storage, virtualization, servers to a collaborative IT team with horizontal and holistic expertise. As this gradually happens, it is imperative for your IT team to have visibility into the operation and performance of their converging and multi-vendor infrastructures.


The key is to give your IT staff improved visibility into multi-technology, multi-vendor infrastructures -- in a variety of different ways -- so that they can more quickly and easily operate, maintain, and optimize the performance of these devices, and ultimately the services that depend on them.


Cruz offers visibility into your infrastructure in 5 key ways:


1.  Consolidated Dashboards let you view charts and graphs for various performance metrics across a time frame, such as the last 30 minutes or the last 24 hours.

2.  Topology Diagrams show you how devices are connected to each other and give a summary of the health of each device.

3.  Hierarchical Views present how devices are grouped into different types, categories, and locations, in addition to providing the health of each node in the hierarchy.

4. Geo Tagging Integration with Google and Nokia HERE maps lets you set geographic location (long/lat) or by dropping a tag on a map. You can zoom in or out of regions to see where your infrastructure nodes are located and see alarm levels at each location.

5.  In addition, with Cruz’s Multi-tenancy features you can provide access to discrete portion of your infrastructure and allow specific actions, configuration and views to its data. To learn more about multi-tenancy uses and benefits, please check out an earlier blog post here.
For more information on converged infrastructure visibility, please view the Cruz Datasheet or to see a demonstration, please contact


CRUZ in Action: 5 Clear Views for Converged Infrastructure Visibility