CRUZ in Action: Automating Large (or Small) Scale Firmware Updates & Reporting
- - Thursday, August 02, 2018

Every successful organization relies on IT infrastructure that is well-maintained and optimized for performance and security. Prioritizing maintenance and optimization of their data center and network infrastructure is critical and requires consistent attention to OS and firmware versions and identifying which devices require an upgrade. This task can be complicated when there is a very large scale of essential devices are running old and outdated firmware. When a device is running outdated firmware, it will be a drag on the IT infrastructure and cause inefficiencies within an organization to arise.

While firmware updating is routine and repetitive, it’s time-consuming and is a drain on your team’s productivity. Still many are manually updating their IT infrastructure on a device-by-device, or vendor-by-vendor basis…this does not scale!
Why not automate these repetitive and manual tasks and reduce the workload of your IT administration team?

Cruz will give your IT staff a powerful tool to automate firmware deployments and reporting for large-scale and multi-vendor networks. For instance, in Cruz, firmware images are stored for various OS types and these can be easily deployed to one device, or many devices, ensuring that all devices are running the most up-to-date firmware and operating efficiently and securely.

Here’s quick video to see a taste of Cruz in Action:
  • Download and maintain various versions of firmware for all your devices
  • Deploy firmware upgrades to devices, or groups of devices
  • Automatic reporting firmware versions
  • Automatic reporting of changes to firmware version

There’s more! Sign up today for a 15-minute 1-on-1 demo on how Cruz can help you automate manual tasks, like firmware deployments and reporting, and improve IT productivity! And ask for free automation script!


CRUZ in Action: Automating Large (or Small) Scale Firmware Updates & Reporting