CRUZ in Action: Automation and Distributed Computing
Chris Simon - Friday, June 08, 2018

Innovation driven by cloud, NFV, IOT and virtual reality is compelling the market to define and manage different relationships between solutions and infrastructures. Most of the new business models require more distributed delivery options to support both technical requirements such as latency, connectivity and power management while adhering to regulator factors such a HIPAA data security. 

Distribute Computing Market Drivers
  • Network applications / NFV
  • Content delivery networks
  • Enterprise data/ regulatory/ latency
  • Hybrid enterprise cloud
  • IoT data stream processing/ control
  • Video processing
  • Machine learning
  • Virtual realty
Regardless of the driver, each of these models require new management processes to support both the individual delivery infrastructure and the hybrid service that will be deployed over them.

Distributed computing will require several infrastructure form factors such as HCI, private cloud and embedded computing paired with a myriad of operational environments process such Nutanix, Azure and Openstack. These are delivered in diverse partnerships and business models.  
With Cruz, you can identify automation opportunities for all stakeholders to effectively deploy and monitor their underlying converging infrastructure while orchestrating and managing individual functions that make up the distributed computing services…all with minimal and often remote support staff.
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Automation and Distributed Computing
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CRUZ in Action: Automation and Distributed Computing