Cruz in Action: Server Management in CruzOC v8
Alicia Hessinger - - Thursday, January 17, 2019

In our latest Cruz in Action video, we take a high-level overview of where we are with server management in the latest release of Cruz Operation Center (CruzOC) v8. First, we review our legacy server management capabilities and then we introduce the latest server support for Baseboard Management Controllers (BMC) in v8.



In this video, while we focus on BMCs (also known as remote access controller (RAC) for hardware level access for monitoring), we also discuss the Redfish protocol, a newer and more standard way to access RACs. Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC), Cisco UCS, Lenovo XCC, and HP ILO, are additional common RACs that we support, but in this demonstration example we discover, manage, and monitor the Dell iDRAC.
Features highlighted in this video include:
  • Discovery of the BMC
  • Management, Monitoring
  • BIOs Deployment
  • Server Configuration File Backup/ Restore
  • Server Configuration File Compliance
  • Alerts
  • Direct Access to iDRAC CLI, HTTPs
  • CLI actions via RACADM
CruzOC also has Group Server Management – look for an upcoming video on these key features, or ask to see a demo today!
  • HCI server clusters (i.e. Nutanix, MS Azure etc.)
  • Performing group operations for file backups, BIOs, and firmware deployments
To learn more on CruzOC’s server management capabilities and how we can optimize your data center, register for a demo customized to your environment.


Cruz in Action: Server Management in CruzOC v8