Powerful Edge Automation, Monitoring, and Management

Security, Compliance, Health, Performance and Software Lifecycle Orchestration

Cruz Operations Center (CruzOC) is a unified Enterprise IT management system to view, monitor, and configure edge infrastructure that lets you maximize performance and eliminate outages.

Remote or Branch infrastructures are likely a combination of legacy and new converged hardware, and BYO software and devices. Today's management solutions must manage these multi-technology solutions with minimal local support to meet the business expectations.

The CruzOC Edge Management Solution offers a single pane-of-glass for comprehensive security, compliance, health, performance, and software lifecycle orchestration for your edge software-defined infrastructure and legacy hardware.

In a single solution, IT managers can view and manage diverse environments of multiple technologies – physical/virtual/compute/network – from multiple vendors.

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Solution Benefits

  • Minimize onsite technical support costs
  • BYO software and hardware flexibility
  • Automated new solution deployment
  • Manage consistent and timely software upgrades
  • Manage bulk automated branch actions
  • Visualize navigation across numerous branch sites
  • Isolate problems across multi-components
  • Discover and manage existing equipment
  • Branch configuration and security compliance
  • Automate closed loop corrective processes
  • Site resource preparation and restoration for updates
  • Monitor environmental temperature and power metrics

Security, Compliance, Health, Performance and Software Lifecycle Orchestration

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Solution Highlights

  • Consolidate Resource Management: Centralized visibility to all office compute, networking, and application performance metrics.
  • Log & Telemetry Support: Collect, filter, analyze and visualize
  • Software Lifecycle Management: Update software and associated dependencies corporate-wide to network devices, computers, or applications.
  • InterSite Management: Control and performance of external connectivity.

  • Minimum Touch Deployment: Accelerate office rollout with technician- free automated resource and network configuration.
  • Autonomous Operation: Continuous management if site is disconnected from WAN and Central Control.
  • Active Compliance: Validate all resource configurations, change auditing and automated compliance enforcement.
  • Low level Component Visibility: View and manage bare metal level components including GPUs.

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