Cruz SONiC Solutions for Dell Technologies – Dell Enterprise SONiC

Flexible, easy-to-use automation for optimal control of your open networking in public and private clouds, or enterprise environments

Cruz Operations Center (CruzOC) lets you create, automate, and orchestrate value-added services over your SONiC PowerSwitch infrastructure. With a single system for critical management to automate service delivery and fulfillment, CruzOC shortens time-to-market and reduces errors during delivery.

CruzOC provides integrated hybrid resource and network orchestration. You have complete control over discrete switch configuration, management, and monitoring of individual switches as well as over automated fabric deployment and fabric updates.

For instance, with CruzOC you can easily:
• Discover and manage all your PowerSwitch switches and deploy or update entire L2/L3 fabrics.
• Configure or re-configure Spine and Leaf configurations with the push of button
• Add or remove a leaf or spine switch from the fabric.
• Automate visibility to the fabric inventory, performance, alerts, and link-layer topology.

CruzOC offers multi-vendor, multi-technology IT resource management to deploy, update, and automate network and operations, and provides a single console management product for managing operations of today's open networking infrastructures.

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Solution Benefits

  • Deploy and manage with Dell Enterprise SONiC on PowerSwitch infrastructures:
  • Save time and cost by automating fabric deployment and configuration of large-scale network deployments and refreshes.
  • Keep firmware up-to-date individually or deploy to the fabric group.
  • Discrete control for management, monitoring and configuration.
  • Flexibility to automate exactly what you need with customizable automation.
  • Ensure corporate standards for switch or fabric configuration, compliance, and security
  • Automatic notifications to IT staff when there is a critical alarm, event, or syslog.
  • Eliminate technical support costs with automated provisioning and one-touch validation reduces support costs.
  • Reduce operational costs by reducing deployment errors and technical staff costs with simple plug and play automated provisioning.
  • One system to see your complete infrastructure from the cloud to datacenter.
  • Robust architecture lets you scale from small to extremely large environments.

Create, Automate, Orchestrate Value-added Services

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Solution Highlights

Cruz has critical features that address orchestration and management challenges, across any infrastructure asset, while optimizing support costs, reducing downtime, eliminating manual errors, and minimizing onsite visits.

  • Single Pane-of-Glass: Manage diverse managed resources through their full lifecycle via a single interface.
  • Consolidate Resource Management: Centralized visibility of all devices, and performance monitoring, metrics, and events.
  • Fabric Orchestration: Deploy, update and monitor L2/L3 switch fabrics.
  • Asset Management: Manage installations and deployments as an associated group of resources for holistic performance, root cause visibility, and reporting.
  • Software Lifecycle Management: Corporate-wide application of software updates to network devices with dependency validation for network functions, computer processes and applications.

  • Active Security Compliance: Validate resource configurations, change auditing and automated compliance enforcement for security politics.
  • Log & Telemetry Support: Collect, filter, analyze and visualize comprehensive metrics via logs and streaming telemetry.
  • Environmental Control: provide visibility and mapping of your devices and fabrics.
  • Access Control: Secure access for any device.
  • Zero Touch Automation: Built-in automation to detect new or unknown devices and trigger auto-discovery with automatic management and monitoring and other Day 2 operations.

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