Dynamic Orchestration Software Defined Networking and Automation

Integrated hybrid resource and network orchestration

CruzControl lets you create, automate, and orchestrate value-added services over today’s converged infrastructures. With a single system for critical management to automate service delivery and fulfillment, CruzControl shortens time-to-market and reduce errors during delivery.

For end-to-end software defined control, CruzControl automates access to devices by orchestrating configuration of hybrid resources – like IOT and network devices – from the campus through the data center. With end-to-end connectivity automatically provisioned for you, CruzControl frees up IT staff for more critical tasks, and ensures IOT devices are immediately available to users.


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Solution Benefits

  • Automatic Notifications: Automatically notify IT staff when an IOT device is granted or denied access.
  • Eliminate technical support costs: Automated provisioning and one-touch validation reduces support costs.
  • Reduce operational costs: Reduce deployment errors and technical staff costs with simple plug and play automated provisioning.
  • Comprehensive visibility: One system to see your complete infrastructure from the datacenter, to campus, to end point device.
  • Proven scalability: Robust architecture lets you scale from small to extremely large environments.

End-to-End Software Defined Networking and Automation

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Solution Highlights

  • Single Pane-of-Glass: Manage diverse IOT and any managed resource through their full lifecycle via a single interface.
  • Consolidate Resource Management: Centralized visibility of all IOT and networking devices, and application performance metrics, and events.
  • Asset Management: Manage IOT installations and deployment as an associated group of resources for holistic performance, root cause visibility, and reporting.
  • Active Security Compliance: Validate resource configurations, change auditing and automated compliance enforcement for security politics.
  • Access Control: Secure access for IOT devices.

  • Software Lifecycle Management: Corporate-wide application of software updates to network devices with dependency validation for network functions, computer processes and applications.
  • No-touch IOT Deployment: Accelerate IOT rollout with technician free automated resource and network configuration.
  • Log &Telemetry Support: Collect, filter, analyze and visualize comprehensive metrics via logs and streaming telemetry.
  • Environmental Control: provide visibility and mapping of your IOT devices.

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