Managing the Remote Edge while deploying Nutanix HCI Edge Compute Solutions – at Scale

Optimize support costs, Reduce downtime, Eliminate manual errors, and Minimize onsite visits

Cruz Operations Center (CruzOC) offers unified management for Nutanix HCI edge computing and integrated support for advanced edge capabilities from varied vendors.

The CruzOC Remote Edge Management Solution for Nutanix HCI offers a single pane-of-glass for comprehensive security, compliance, health, performance, and software lifecycle orchestration for any infrastructure in your remote edge software-defined infrastructure and legacy hardware. Specifically, CruzOC integrates to Nutanix key features – Prism, AHV, rSyslog, and AOS – for monitoring, orchestration, and lifecycle and configuration management to support remote control of the Nutanix cluster while providing integrated management for other edge site capabilities.

Managed Software Asset Examples

  • Bare Metal (iDrac, Redfish, IPMI)
  • BIOS
  • Network OS
  • Compute OS (AOS, Linux, MS)
  • Hypervisor (AHV, KVM, ESXi, HyperV)
  • Orchestrators (VCO, Openstack, vCenter)
  • VM/Containers
  • SDWAN (Velocloud, Silverpeak)
  • VNF (Palo Alto, SRX, Cisco)
  • Applications

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Solution Benefits

  • Minimize onsite technical support costs
  • Holistic visibility to edge health from bare metal through virtual functions
  • Consistent compliance to security and configuration policies across all edge solution sites
  • Remotely manage software updates and dependencies for complete edge stack
  • Manage updates for groups of edge sites
  • Automate recurring operations and as closed-loop error remedies
  • Consolidated visibility and processing of event, log, and telemetry.
  • Coordinate centralized interactions such as SDWAN orchestrators or cloud-based applications

Solution Highlights

  • Single Pane-of-Glass: Manage diverse managed resource through their full lifecycle via a single interface.
  • Consolidate Resource Management: Centralized visibility of all edge computing, networking, and application performance metrics, events, and traffic flow.
  • Asset Management: Manage edge installations as an associated group of resources for holistic performance and root cause visibility.
    • Corporate-wide edge visibility & management
    • Simple edge site navigation
    • Context filtering and asset association for simple identification of effected resources
    • Deep visibility to underlying infrastructure metrics (BMC/iDrac/Redfish, Network)
    • Automated Prism pass-through
    • Manages Nutanix REST, nCLI, Powershell APIs
  • Active Security Compliance: Validate resource configurations, change auditing and automated compliance enforcement for security policies.
  • Software Lifecycle Management: Corporate-wide application of software updates to devices with dependency validation for network functions, computer processes and applications.
  • No-touch Office Deployment: Accelerate office rollout with technician free automated resource and network configuration.
  • Log & Telemetry Support: Collect, filter, analyze and visualize comprehensive edge metrics via logs and streaming telemetry.
  • Additional Cruz Remote Edge Support
    • Low level HW Component Visibility
    • External Function Management
    • Environmental Control
    • Autonomous Operation
    • Access Control
    • VNF Orchestration

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