Maintain health, connectivity, and security of IoT devices

Globally, it’s projected that there will be over 40+billion Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices by 2025. While IoT devices can offer productivity improvements, new business opportunities, and a wealth of revenue streams, efficiently managing them is a moving target and both time consuming and costly. To harness the power of IoT, IT departments must make devices immediately and securely available to users. Also, they must be able to update them, reliably and remotely, with the latest software and firmware.

Cruz IoT Device Director (CruzIoT) is a comprehensive and scalable management product to securely and efficiently onboard, monitor, manage, and secure IoT devices from any vendor. With CruzIoT, IT staff can automate the deployment of bulk IoT devices, monitor alerts and notifications, troubleshoot, configure devices, view audit logs, and remotely push firmware updates to fleets of devices at once through over-the-air (OTA) updates.


While Cruz IoT Device Director is a standalone solution, it is seamlessly integrated with other Cruz products, for instance Cruz Operations Center’s (CruzOC) multi-vendor, multi-technology IT resource management. Combined with CruzOC, you can deploy, update, and automate network and data center operations. In addition, CruzLog complements CruzIoT to provide comprehensive log and telemetry collection, data management, and detailed visualization. Together, they provide a single console for managing and controlling operations of today's converging infrastructures.

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Solution Highlights

  • On-boarding – Speed deployment and set-up of devices with zero-touch provisioning.
  • Automate – Automate any tasks, including inventory, access, and alerting
  • Monitor / Alerts/ Troubleshoot – Track, monitor, and manage physical IoT devices.
  • Device Configuration Management – Multi-vendor IoT device configuration management and provisioning.
  • OTA Updates – Remotely push software, firmware, operating system, and BIOS updates to devices.
  • Security – Protect devices from vulnerabilities by tracking the performance, security, and state of each connected IoT device. Automatically notify IT staff when an IOT device is granted or denied access.
  • Log Management – Aggregate IoT logs and telemetry to a single destination for analysis, compliance, and notifications.
  • Single Pane-of-Glass – Seamlessly integrated with Cruz Operations Center for comprehensive automated infrastructure and service discovery, change and configuration management, monitoring, service orchestration, and reporting

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